Natural Formations Generator

Natural Formations Generator is a level design tool with a workflow that allows for rapid level prototyping.

NFG can be used for many purposes such as rapid level prototyping, procedural object placement, automated arrangement and more. 
NFG is based on the principle of ordered generation. It uses simple rules to create complex realistic results.
A tree generally prefers a certain range of altitude; 
 A tree cannot grow on a surface that is too steep;
A tree cannot grow inside of things; 
A tree cannot grow on anything but soil.
Using these 4 rules we are able to generate a believable and a cohesive variation of trees that are natural looking.
Terrain with heightmap decorated using simple rules.
  1. Trees spawn on slopes with an angle between 0 - 45 degrees.
  2. large rocks spawn on slopes with an angle between 40 - 75 degrees. 
  3. Both rocks and trees have pseudo random scaling and rotation.
  4. Rocks fully align to the surface below them. (on the normal of the surface)

Clean and ergonomic UI 
All layers are neatly organized in the hierarchy