Formation Settings

The Formation Settings of a layer control the actual generation process.

  1. What Game Objects to spawn
  2. How many objects to spawn
  3. How to filter out layers

Formation Prefabs - Gameobjects for this layer to generate

Formation Inclusion Filter - The layers that the objects in this layer can spawn on

Formations Allowed - How many total objects can be spawned

Density - An easy slider bar to adjust the total density

Max Formation Failures - How many generation attempts are allowed fail. (lower is faster to generate with fewer generated objects) 

Ignore Same Formations - Whether or not this layer can spawn objects on itself

Ignore other Non Inclusive Formations -  Whether this layer should ignore other layers that are not specified in the inclusive filter

Ignore Non Formation Objects - Whether this layer can spawn on Game Objects that are not created by this generator. (Game Objects pre-existing in the scene)

Use Included Layers - Use objects in specified Unity layers in inclusive search.

Included Layers - Layers to include in the inclusion filter.

Trees with no inclusion filter and 'ignore other non inclusive formations' is unticked
Trees with "ground" in the inclusion filter and 'ignore other non inclusive formations' is ticked. The beach layer is not being included in
tree generation