Getting Started


    NFG uses a contextual hierarchy matrix utilized with a Procedural Ray-cast Based spawning algorithm. In other words, objects are created with rules dependent of other layers.

    NFG is order dependent, so objects at the bottom layer will be created first and then other layers will proceed. This behavior is beneficial because it allows for the filtering of layers to get excellent results. 

    Rule Based Generation is a key component and NFG includes a large array of tools for applying these constraints.

  1. Preprocessing
  2. Formation Settings
  3. Global Settings
  4. Elevation Settings
  5. Control Zones
  6. Collision Filtering
  7. Noise Settings
  8. Grid Settings
  9. Rotation Settings
  10. Scale Settings
  11. Surface Settings
  12. Grounding Settings

Adding A Generator to the Scene

After importing NFG into your project, add a new generator by going to Tools/NFG/New Generator 
This will create a new Game Object with a Box Collider and the Natural Formation Generator script.
CLick the "Open Editor" button on the generator script.


This is the window used to generate formations in the Editor.
Ctrl + G is a hotkey for generating the selected generator.

Settings will open the layer hierarchy.
Generate will generate using the current configuration.
Help will direct your browser to the related documentation page on this website for help.